Fast information:

The Whale Foundation, located in Puerto Lopez, has dedicated time and effort to recollect data about whales and contribute with scientific research to the Whale Commission South America. This happens every year during the season that the Humpback Whales come to the pacific coast of Ecuador.

The Foundation has already identified and catalogued over 2200 different whales by photographing their tails and has contributed to different scientific studies and determination of migration routes, feeding areas and more. Besides whales, marine birds and dolphins are also monitored.

  Location: Puerto López

Min. Stay: 1 week

Age: 18 +

Spanish is not necessary


  Accommodation in  students´ house (shared rooms)

Orientation during your time at the volunteer project

  Transfer from the students´ house to the bus station in Quito

Accommodation in dorms during your volunteer program

  1 group dinner at the project

Trekking and Snorkelling at Isla de la Plata


Arrival transfer

  Meals at the students´ house