Fast information:

The center is dedicated to finding ways to provide the chance of a good life to the animals in their care (this includes basic things such as providing them with a suitable diet which in so many cases they never had during their time in captivity) and where possible run effective, science based rehabilitation programs to help in the process of returning them to their natural environment.

The center works in partnership with the Ecuadorian Environmental Police (UPMA) and the Ministry of Environment in the fight against trafficking, abuse, capture and hunting of wild animals.

  Location: Puyo

Min. Stay: 1 week

Age: 18 +

Spanish is not necessary


  Accommodation in  students´ house (shared rooms)

Orientation during your time at the volunteer project

  Transfer from the students´ house to the bus station in Quito

Accommodation in dorms during your volunteer program

3 meals at the project (Not on the weekends)


Arrival transfer

  Meals at the students´ house