Fast Information

The school receives about 500 children from 3 to 12 years old.  As it is a public school, the Ecuadorian government provides for most part of the resources such as infrastructure, equipment, teachers’ salaries and uniforms.

In this school you will find all kinds of children who come from many different economic and social backgrounds, most of them come from poor families, some live with both their parents, others come from single parent households or live with their grandparents. Their families are mostly bricklayers, artisans, housemaids, street vendors (some children sell candy on the streets as well), or they are unemployed.


  Location: South part of Quito

Min. Staying: 2 weeks

Age: 18 –


  Accommodation in  students´ house (shared rooms)

Orientation during your time in the volunteer project


Arrival transfer

  Meals at the students´ house