Ecuadors surf capital Montañita

Surfing – a sport and a lifestyle, which always fascinated me, especially as it is so different to the sport practiced in the place where I come from, a village in Western Germany.

In Montañita I got the chance to experience the captivating surf world for some days. On the first day I was sitting with my friends on the terrace of a restaurant right at the beach, our feet in the sand. The weather was good and the waves seemed to be perfect that day. We just sat there, enjoyed our food and admired the surfers hitting the waves. Surfing enthusiasts from different countries, various age groups and different professional levels came together at this place to catch the great waves. Especially the skills of an only nine year old, little boy who was riding the waves as if he never did anything else attracted our attention. What a spectacle!

As it was my 23rd birthday during my time in Montañita, I thought for myself that this is the perfect day for my very first surf lesson. No sooner said than done: Monday morning, 10 o’clock, meeting at the beach. It felt like the surfboard is twice as tall as me and three times as heavy, but somehow I managed to carry it.  I was super excited, especially when I realized after the first 5-10 minutes that we not only do preliminary exercises on the beach, but actually go into the water and immediately test our “skills”. I never thought that all of us would manage to stand on the board, but we did it! Just for a few seconds, but we did it! I shouted of joy, so that everybody had to laugh. It was such a good feeling!

But Montañita has much more to offer than superb surfing conditions. It is also a great place to relax on sandy white beaches, to eat some of the best food of the country and of course to enjoy the vibrant nightlife in the famous cocktail alley. I especially savored the hippie-like atmosphere of this small town. Everybody is in a good, laid-back mood and life seems to be so easy over here. Thank you Montañita!

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