My trip to the Green Paradise

Visiting the Amazon – one of many points on my travel bucket list. Last week, this long-desired adventure became reality. As part of my internship I got the chance to visit the Cuyabeno Reserve, deeply embedded in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Already on our way to the lodge we saw several different monkeys, happily jumping from one tree to the other, an anaconda, which was enjoying the sun on a branch near the water, as well as parrots and other colorful birds and butterflies. Seeing the lush vegetation and all these beautiful animals already induced this pure feeling of happiness and completeness in me and I could not stop smiling (I am even smiling while writing this J)

On each day we did different exciting activities. We hiked through the deep rainforest by day and night – searching for frogs and spiders, we paddled on the big lagoon and went on a bird watching tour in the early morning. A highlight was definitely the daily sunset tour. We admired the magnificent sunset, while swimming in the big lagoon midst of the jungle, this was truly magical!

Another personal highlight for me was our visit in an indigenous village. My initial concerns, that this activity might not be authentic, but rather commercial were unfounded. Together with a lady from the village we harvested Yucca, processed it to flour and baked thin pita bread over the open fire. While eating the delicious bread Pablo, our natural guide, gave us more interesting information about this indigenous tribe. I enjoyed the time in the village a lot and could not stop thinking about how proud these people can be to call this beautiful place their home.

I honestly had some of the best days of my life in the Amazon. It is such a peaceful and calm place, which offers a little break from the fast moving world! Hope to see you soon Cuyabeno!




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